Moving Forward, Looking Back: 45 Years of Contemporary Art


Moving Forward, Looking Back: 45 Years of Contemporary Art is a multi-layered project by Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre designed to reflect on our history, highlight our accomplishments, promote the hundreds of artists that have worked with us, as well as disseminate and present valuable artistic content from our archives as we celebrate 45 years of Modern Fuel and contemporary art.

Moving Forward, Looking Back: Presenting 45 Years of Contemporary Art involves engaging our community with contemporary art through the public presentation of works from Modern Fuel’s archives. Modern Fuel has partnered with Gabriel Bevilacqua, a historian, archivist, digitizer and emerging curator, who will curate a series of exhibitions for three different platforms including off-site exhibitions throughout Kingston; a virtual exhibition on Modern Fuel’s website; as well as a public screening in the community. The artistic content for these exhibitions will include reproductions of
artwork, images, and texts from previous exhibitions, as well as footage of past performances, videos and short art films.

Learn more about each Off-Site Exhibition on display in local Kingston businesses in the series below.

Ear It Live - 1979


Kingston Art Event - 1979


Kingston Women's Art Festival

Women's Art Festival Poster 1983.jpg

Slide Show - 1980


Silent Voices


Jeff Childs

Cópia de IMG_0910.jpg

Kingston Library


K.A.A.I Christmas Parade - 1980


Modern Fuel Posters


Noel Bullock

installation - contact sheet - 600dpi.jpg

About the Curator

Gabriel Bevilacqua

Gabriel is an archivist and historian who is responsible for digitalizing the past 45 years of Modern Fuel Archives. In addition to his role as an archivist, Gabriel has curated a series of off-site exhibitions titled, "45 years of Art in Kingston Through the Lens of Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre," which includes the exhibition above.

He holds a Master of Science degree in History where his research focused on databases and digitization and conservation of performance and conceptual art in Brazilian and Canadian art museums. He is the collection manager of the digital art platform and a consultant in cultural heritage digitization and preservation projects. He has been working with cultural heritage collections for the past 20 years. He was an archivist and collection manager in Brazilian art museums such as the Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo and the Instituto Moreira Salles. He served as a board member of the ICOM Brazil National Committee, ICOM International Committee for Documentation (CIDOC), Associação de Arquivistas de São Paulo (São Paulo, Brazil) and the Instituto de Arte Contemporânea (São Paulo, Brazil). He also works as a volunteer and collaborator in cultural heritage projects and organizations such as the Vulnerable Media Lab (Queen's University) and the Museu Afro Brasil’s documentation and reference center (São Paulo, Brazil).