Current Exhibitions

In the Window Gallery

A residency exhibition in 2 spaces

Co-presented by Union Gallery and Modern Fuel


Window Gallery

October 12 - December 4, 2021

Brian Hoad, Deena Jacobs, Francisco Corbett, Grace Katie Dixon, Jean Jamieson-Hanes, Michelle Bunton, Rafael MacDonald, William Carroll

In the Main Gallery

There are minimums to operate properly

Christopher Lacroix


Main Gallery

October 19 - December 4, 2021

There is a Minimum_040.jpg

There are minimums to operate properly brings together sculpture, photography and augmented technical drawings that present a strategy for non-hierarchical ways of being. The central work, There is a minimum to operate properly (2019) is an elaborate structure inspired by gym equipment and fetish furniture. The structure is operated by two occupants who control a series of mirrors and bodily restraints through cranks and pullies that require constant physical exertion. The operation of the structure reveals the occupants’ buttholes to each other and themselves, creating a reciprocal dynamic of power and vulnerability. On the walls of the gallery is the title work There are minimums to operate properly (2019) which serves as an instructional image for the structure’s use. Also included in the exhibition is a suite of 22 engineering prints. The suite, titled Technically, ... (2021), presents schematics for the construction of the structure, but have had the dimensions and all contextual information removed. In removing this critical information, the drawings are rendered useless as they become art objects. This gesture brings into question art’s commonly assumed ability—given its innate ambiguity—to affect concrete change, thereby emphasizing the absurdity of the works in the exhibition.

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In the State of Flux Gallery

Turbo_Title Graphic.png

Alvin Luong


State of Flux Gallery

October 19 - December 4, 2021

Turbo is a video project about life after The Great Recession of 2007/08.


On a stormy night in 2007, a teenage boy named Brett ‘Turbo’ Matthews lost control of his sports car and drove off the side of a cliff. Turbo descended through the air and crashed into a building housing financial instruments. He was killed upon impact and his body was unidentifiable amongst the burning car wreckage.

That same night, financial markets began to crash, becoming what we now know as The Great Recession. The reconstruction and resurrection of global financial institutions by state governments during The Great Recession would have the unintended consequence of also reconstructing and resurrecting Turbo. Although spared from death, Turbo was now cursed to live with the behavioral impulses of a sports car. During day time, Turbo lives in frustration because he can only communicate through car sounds that he makes with his mouth. At night time, Turbo enters into hallucinations where he is free to drive, however, these hallucinations always end with a car accident.

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