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Iris Russak, Coming Out On The Other Side 2

Iris Russak, Coming Out On The Other Side 2

  • 8" by 10" print framed
  • Photography


About the Artist

Iris’ last submission to Re:Member in 2021 dealt with pandemic lifestyle; with a perceived halt to experiences and connection as well as not being able to go places. Fittingly, she was not able to attend the opening due to contracting COVID-19 just prior. As life is returning to what it was in prior years, her current images stem from a renewed sense of connection and community in public spaces, art, music and (night)life. Everyone, including herself, seems eager to form those vital connections and experience all that we have felt deprived of for a couple of years. These five images have been taken in Kingston and Toronto over the past 1.5 years that have marked a return to experiencing the joy of living for people as a whole as well as for herself personally, as she has gone through major changes in her life.