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Susan Halle, Beauty in Decay

Susan Halle, Beauty in Decay

  • 14" x 18"
  • Acrylic


About the Artist

Susan (Su) Halle is a multi-media visual artist and a former graphic designer and art director from Montreal now living in Gananoque. Retired from corporate communications, she now creates upcycled clothing under the name Triptastica and more recently has turned her attention back to acrylic painting. Working mostly in non-representational abstracts, she uses vibrant colour and mark-making to share her passion for the environment and the nature of human consciousness. Having spent years working with shamans, mystics and and yogis, she believes in the power of art making as a healing modality and only recently she has begun to share and exhibit her works. The paintings submitted here represent different series that have been done over the last few years. Follow her on instagram at @suhalleart