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Workshops & Round Table Discussions Series

Modern Fuel is committed to the professional development of emerging and mid-career artists. We offer a variety of workshops that cover a multitude of subjects important to anyone seeking to professionalize their artistic practice.

Round Table Discussions

In the round table discussion series, a local artist, arts administrator, or arts academic brings forward a topic or burning question they want to discuss. They speak for 5 - 10 minutes to introduce the subject, and the rest of the session is an open conversation. Roundtables are non-hierarchical gatherings of artists and creatives to share with one another. 


Upcoming Sessions:

Have a topic for a round table? Email

Past Sessions

September 18, 2019: Residencies led by Michelle Bunton.

October 9, 2019: Collaboration led by Emily Pelstring.

November 26, 2019: Art and Memory (from traumatic memory to historical memory) led by Raziel Miranda. 

February 1, 2020: Artists as Climate Activists led by Michael Amar. 


February 25, 2020: Art as Disruption led by Devin West. 


April 28, 2020: Creating in Isolation led by Anne-Sophie Grenier. 


November 4, 2020: Showcasing your artwork locally led by Anne-Sophie Grenier and Danielle Folkerts.


February 18, 2021: Art as an outlet for trauma led by Sarah Chasity-Johnson, also known as Chas.  

March 23, 2021: (White) Western Aesthetics' Roots in Racism and Colonialism led by naphtali.

March 10, 2022: History of KAAI/Modern Fuel with Dave Gordon.

May 25, 2022 7PM: Municipal Funding for Artists, led by Michelle Bunton and GHY Cheung.

September 28, 2022: Artist Engagement with Truth and Reconciliation Commission's  Calls to Action led by Andy Berg

November 19. 2022: Art and Mixed-Reality Technologies led by Gabriel Menotti

Past Workshops

Peer Critiques


Occurring in person (with covid protocols in place), our Peer Crits offer 5 artists the opportunity to show one piece of art and receive feedback from peers and fellow artists.

Free to attend and open to anyone interested. Please note that those who attend and share must keep an open mind and be able to offer/accept constructive criticism. Stay tuned for our next one!

New Media Workshops 2021

Our New Media Workshops were an eight-part series that began on February 21 2021 and finished on April 25 2021. The workshop series was made possible thanks to the Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Film and Media Department at Queen's University.

Intro to Editing with Zakary Jiwa

Editing Continued with Zakary Jiwa

Principles of Framing with Jung-Ah Kim

Capturing Sound with Jung-Ah Kim

Getting to know Animation with Peggy Fussell

Formatting for Festival Submissions with Mehvish

Insight to Industry: The Producer with Mehvish

Making Art Work: Professional Development Series 2020-2021

19 September: Writing an Artist Statement, facilitated by deneige nadeau
17 October: Curatorial Practices and Methodologies, facilitated by Sunny Kerr and Carina Magazzeni
21 November: Preparing for Public Art Calls, facilitated by Taylor Norris

16 January: Exhibition Submissions, facilitated by Anne-Sophie Grenier
6 February: Packing and Shipping Artworks, facilitated by Leah Cox
6 March: Exhibition Installation, facilitated by Scott Wallis



Making Art Work: Professional Development Series 2021-2022

21 September: About Social Media and Marketing with Julie Fossitt, hosted by Agnes
19 October: Focus on Finances pt. 1: Making money as an artist with Greg Ivens and Liam Mills, hosted by Modern Fuel
23 November: Access Exhibition Assistance with Lisa Wöhrle, hosted by Union Gallery

18 January: Focus on Finances Pt. 2: Managing money and taxes as a freelancer with Tova Epp, hosted by Agnes
15 March: Talking About Artist Talks with Hiba Abdallah, hosted by Union Gallery
19 April: Preparing Portfolios with David McClyment, hosted by Modern Fuel

Making Art Work: Professional Development Series 2022-2023

15 September: Documentation for Artists with Jessica Thalman, hosted by Union Gallery
18 October: Building an Artist Website with Kelsey Newman Reed and Hannah Schaub, hosted by Modern Fuel
22 November: Commissions with Chantal Rousseau, hosted by Agnes

28 February: The Relevancy of Art Installations with Leisa Rich, hosted by Modern Fuel

28 March: Ecommerce for Artists with Jill Glatt, hosted by Union Gallery
3 May: Juvenis: Careers in the Arts, hosted by Agnes

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