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Modern Fuel's Anti-Racism Statement

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

We at Modern Fuel want to state unequivocally that Black lives matter, Indigenous lives matter, and that the lives of People of Colour matter.

Modern Fuel strives to ensure that members and visitors feel safe and welcome in our space and at our events. We do not tolerate discrimination, harassment, or violence including but not limited to ableism; ageism; homophobia and transphobia; misogyny; racism and white supremacy. It is also important to us that Modern Fuel not only continues to present works and programs that support Black and Indigenous artists, members and visitors, but invests in the work of becoming an inclusive, anti-racist organization. We feel it is only then that Modern Fuel can advocate for artists and foster community with care and respect.

We will be holding ourselves accountable through comprehensive internal and external reviews of our board and staff, and our policies and procedures. We encourage our membership and communities to hold us to these principles as well and welcome feedback on how to make our space more welcoming and inclusive for you.


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