Meet Our Team

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Anne-Sophie Grenier

Executive Director

Anne-Sophie is a queer performing artist and writer with a keen sensitivity to storytelling and a desire to build better opportunities for artists at the local, national, and international level. She holds a Masters of Management in International Arts Management, from Southern Methodist University and HEC Montréal. In her graduate studies, she focused on the role that art co-ops and artist-run centres play in fostering innovation and creative placemaking. She also holds a B.A. in Communications Studies (Video Production) with a minor in Political Science from Concordia University and a Diploma of College Studies in Commerce from Champlain College.

Her career has brought her across many different fields from communications for a non-profit operating in Canada and Uganda, to documentary television production, and the production of major music, arts, and sporting events. 


Kait Allen

Outreach and Development Manager

Kait is a queer, non-binary poet and multidisciplinary artist living in Kingston. Kait has a love for reading and writing, preferring to do both on good old fashioned paper, which has led them to their favourite artistic medium: the tedious yet intimate process of letterpress printing. Kait has been refining their creative writing skills for over 20 years, and uses their artwork as a platform to challenge and disrupt themes of identity, power, and normativity. 



Programming Coordinator

naphtali is an yt trans non-binary jew, artist, and PhD student in Cultural Studies at Queen’s. In their PhD work they trace how perspective and representation emerge in white settler colonial discourses to silo human and non-human relations, and to delimit the boundaries of being. naphtali looks at how these technologies of perception spread the prison across institutions and relations more broadly. And how that spread can be un-imagined through abolitionist and decolonial relations.


Kelsey Newman Reed

Marketing Coordinator

Kelsey Newman Reed has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree with a major in Art History and minor in Drama from Queen's University, as well as a Post-Graduate Certificate in Interactive Marketing Communications from St. Lawrence College. She is passionate about the arts and has worked at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre, and volunteered at Union Gallery and Modern Fuel prior to this position. She has also been published in a few local poetry magazines. When she isn't at Modern Fuel, Kelsey enjoys drawing and painting. 


Jose Bawagan

Special Projects Coordinator

Jose is an MA Candidate at Queen's University in the Art History and Art Conservation department. His research centres on the performative elements of Contemporary Digital Art with a specific focus on games and playable media. Jose holds a BA in Art History from Carleton University, has held practicum placements at the Canadian War Musuem and the Ottawa Art Gallery, and hopes to never stop learning about/from art. 


Board of Directors 

Danuta Sierhuis


Danuta Sierhuis is an arts administrator, digital humanist, and fibre artist from Ottawa, ON. She holds an MA in Art History and Digital Humanities from Carleton University and a post-graduate certificate in Interactive Media Management from Algonquin College. Danuta is currently the Digital Development Coordinator at Agnes Etherington Art Centre and brings with her over seven years of experience working in local and national cultural institutions, such as the National Gallery of Canada; the City of Ottawa Archives; Carleton University Art Gallery; and Studio Sixty Six, among others. Her projects have spanned curating exhibitions, collections management, digitization, digital humanities projects including online exhibitions, augmented reality publications and 3D models, web design and social media management. She has a keen interest in Canadian art and developing local art cultures that are reflective of their communities.

Drew Burton


Drew Burton holds a Master of Arts in Art History from Queen’s University. His academic research seeks to understand the complex relationship between art and scandal. In his study of the scandalization of Austrian artist Egon Schiele, Drew explored how personal subjectivities and emotional pursuits of information have led to highly problematic results in literature and exhibitions of Schiele’s work in the 100 years since his death. The study unearthed an uncomfortable reality that the accepted narrative and history around Schiele’s work has often been altered, scandalized, and sensationalized in the pursuit of monetary gain or more widespread recognition for parties involved. More generally, Drew is interested in modern European art, with a focus on the Viennese Secessionists. While not a practicing artist himself, Drew is an avid collector of local, national, and international art. He currently works in finance in Kingston, Ontario and can often be seen walking his Dachshund named ‘Duchamp’ around various neighbourhoods downtown. 

Chelsea Ebel-Campbell


Chelsea Ebel-Campbell is a teacher and an artist. She graduated with an Honors Specialization in Visual Arts from Western University and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Her mediums of choice are usually drawing, painting and photography, with a focus on language acquisition, and phenomenological or cathartic interactions with spaces.

Her main preoccupation as an artist, however, is to pass along her love for creating and to facilitate the creativity of her students. She currently teaches in Kingston, ON. 

Susan Brogly


Susan Brogly is a writer, scientist, and professor. Her poetry and short stories are influenced by the logic, coding, and patterns of her scientific investigations. Since 2002, Susan has curated installations of her husband’s artwork including exhibits in Boston, Saratoga, Montreal, and Kingston.

Susan was a co-organizer of Kingston’s 2017 ON THE WALL street art festival.

Greg Ivens

Chair of New Media Workspace & Resource Library

Greg Ivens is a Mixed Media Digital Artist currently living in Kingston, Ontario. With a focus on bright and vibrant colour palettes, Greg’s primary medium is Liquid Light, a live artform first pioneered in the 1960’s Psychedelic Rock era. In an attempt to meld these live methods with digital distortion, mirroring and glitch art techniques, Greg aims to create unique and vivid images that span the spectrum of colour.  

Michael Catlin

Board Director

Michael Catlin is an actor, director and producer with 40 years of experience in the Kingston theatre community. He has sat on the boards of the Domino Theatre, Theatre Kingston, Threshold Theatre, and King's Town Players. Since retiring as a Family Mediator, Michael has explored his love of painting in watercolour and acrylic, and has recently had works shown at the Domino Theatre and at HIV/AIDS Queer Art Show. 

Sarah Chasity-Johnson

Board Director

Sarah J, also known as Chas, is an emerging visual artist who uses many mediums and forms of self expression. She is a passionate advocate for Sexual Assault Victims, who were born into the cycle of domestic violence, addiction and neglect. Through her art and activism, she sheds light onto the splits caused from such events,  giving voice to herself and those re-traumatized by being caught in the myriad bureaucracies and injustices of the mental health system, justice and correctional systems. 

Newly elected to the Board of Directors of Modern Fuel, Chas is excited about using her raw emotion and unorthodox approaches to connect with many diverse communities, particularly those not typically engaged in the world of Contemporary Art. 

Heather Merla

Board Director

Heather Merla holds a PhD in Art History from Queen’s University and currently works at the university’s School of Graduate Studies where she is the Coordinator, Communications and Office of Postdoctoral Training. Her research focuses on the relationship between art and nature in sixteenth-century Florence, artists’ materials, and the history of collecting.

Heather has a professional background working in non-profit organizations, including student societies, research networks, and cultural institutions.

Marissa Monette

Board Director

Marissa Monette is an object conservator and cultural heritage professional currently working in Kingston, ON, on traditional Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee Territory. She holds a Master’s Degree in Artifact Conservation from Queen's University specializing in object, sculpture and textile treatments from the Art Conservation Program. She is currently the Collections Assistant at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre. Marissa has experience working in both the private and public sector in conservation labs, and collections care setting. She has worked on a wide range of objects in various collections including the  National Gallery of Canada, the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montreal, as well as working with local collections at Agnes Etherington Art Centre and the Museum of Health Care.  She also has experience working on site with large scale projects and immovable cultural heritage objects with Conservation of Sculptures, Monuments and Objects (CSMO), Kingston. Throughout her time studying at Queen's University, she worked with two-dimensional and three-dimensional imaging techniques in various applications within the cultural heritage sector, including the development of an interactive virtual museum for Queen's University Libraries. Her current research interests include decolonization of cultural heritage institutions and repatriation, textile conservation, as well as the intersection of conservation and collections management. 

Rachel Wiseman

Non-Voting Student Member

Rachel Wiseman is an art history major and classical studies minor, entering her final year at Queen’s University. During the Fall of 2020, Rachel was an intern at Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre and helped to curate and facilitate Re:member 2020, the Member’s Show and Sale. The areas of study that she is interested in are 1990s internet art, black figure pottery from the 5th and 7th centuries BC, and fauvism. While Rachel is not currently practising art due to her busy school and extracurricular schedule, she has been dabbling in painting since an extremely young age, influenced by her grandmother who is an artist. In her free time Rachel enjoys taking care of her kitten Abby, reading, or chugging a cup of coffee.

About our Board and Committees


Modern Fuel is a member-driven organization that consists of a General Assembly, comprised of all members in good standing, and a working, hands-on Board of Directors. Our Board of Directors is comprised of 12 directors, in addition to two non-voting post-secondary student positions (currently vacant), and the majority of the board must self-identify as artists to maintain the organization as artist-run at its core. The role of the Board of Directors is to provide stewardship, direction and support to the organization in accordance with Modern Fuel’s vision, mandate and values. The Board of Directors is elected by our membership at our Annual General Meeting. When necessary, additional board members are recruited throughout the year, and join the board in interim positions until they can be legally elected at the next AGM. 

Our Board of Directors is a working board, in every sense of the way. Along with governance matters of ensuring by-laws and budgets are respected, they all play an active role in Modern Fuel’s programming and operations, assisting our small staff on a regular basis. Each board member must sit on at least two committees and must take the lead on at least one fundraising initiative during any given calendar year. The committees are further filled with community member volunteers. 


The Programming Committee is in charge of selecting exhibitions from the call for submissions and other artistic opportunities that may arise. They also help in developing and implementing our additional programs such as residencies and roundtables.


The Development Committee is in charge of identifying potential grants and foundations, assisting with grant writing, and planning our major fundraising activities for the year. They are further tasked with reaching out to the broader Kingston community and volunteer recruitment.


The New Media Workspace and Library Committee maintains the proper organization of these two resources, writes grants specifically for the acquisition of new media equipment and text-based resources, and produces specific workshops to activate these resources and make them available to the community.


The Finance Committee is chaired by our Treasurer and supervises the financial well-being of the organization. They assist the Executive Director with financial reporting and audit preparation.


The Human Resources Committee is responsible for hiring major positions, ensuring the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of staff and interns through policies, and check-ins, and assisting with conflict resolution should the need arise. Our Nominations Committee is an ad-hoc committee of the Human Resources Committee. They meet with potential board members to make sure that they fully understand the commitment that is required.


The Executive Committee is comprised of the Co-Chairs, the Secretary and the Treasurer. They help supervise the progress of all committees, assist the Executive Director with long term strategic planning, and draft important policies.