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Syphon is an arts and culture publication produced by Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre that is meant to act as a conduit between the arts community in Kingston and communities elsewhere. It was created in response to the lack of critical arts commentary and coverage in local publications, and seen as a way to increase exposure to experimental and non-commercial art practices.

Syphon has a mandate to feature local arts coverage in conjunction with national and international projects, and an emphasis on arts scenes and activities that are seen as peripheral. It acts, in essence, as a record and communiqué for small regional arts communities throughout the country.

We gratefully acknowledge the generous funding support of the Ontario Arts Council through its Publishing Organizations Projects Program, as well as the operating support from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, the Kingston Arts Council, and our many local sponsors.

Submit to Syphon 9.0: Rituals

Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre is now accepting submissions for our next edition of our annual publication, Syphon 9.0: Rituals.  

Whether sacred or secular, personal or communal, Rituals profoundly shape the essence of human experience. They mark the passage of time, celebrate life’s milestones, and forge deep connections to our roots and shared humanity. Rituals are not merely actions, they are repetitive acts of engagement that invite us to return to or revisit foundational aspects of our lives. In a world that is relentlessly fast-paced and in constant flux, where survival and resistance are intertwined with daily existence, recognizing what anchors and energizes us becomes crucial.


We invite you to delve into the Rituals that sustain your spirit and your community. What are the Rituals you have crafted or adopted to keep reimagining the possibilities of tomorrow? How do these practices help you stay grounded in the present, allowing you to savour the beauty of the now without the shadow of future worries? What Rituals have you found essential in maintaining your presence in the moment, ensuring that you live fully, deliberately, and authentically? How do these Rituals reinforce your core values, and in what ways do these Rituals help you navigate the challenges of contemporary life?

Through your submissions, share the Rituals that help define and refine your reality. We are looking for artistic interpretation – including and not limited to photography, essays, poetry, paintings, videos, etc. – that explore the profound impact of these repeated acts, whether they are quiet moments of reflection, vibrant celebrations, or the simple routines that provide comfort and continuity. Join us in a collective exploration of how Rituals can sustain, inspire, and transform us.

We are accepting full, finalized submissions by July 5th, 2024 that include poetry, essays, creative writing (including flash fiction, short stories, etc.), exhibition reviews, curatorial interviews with artists, as well as visual works including but not limited to photography, digital illustrations/design, collages, and high-quality images of physical pieces. This edition will see a complete physical transformation; we are reinventing the way in which Syphon is printed in order to embody innovative ways of thinking of and reorienting art. This year we are using Risograph Printing to produce Syphon. Please be advised that we may ask you about recolouring your artwork as we will print in specific risograph ink colours. This edition will have an online version that contains additional digital submissions alongside the pieces published in the print edition. Thus we are now accepting proposals that contain video and audio elements. 

Please ensure that all documents are properly uploaded before submission. Submissions will be accepted up until 11:59pm on July 5th, 2024. All submissions will be reviewed by an appointed Selections Committee, and selected contributors will be notified by July 31st, 2024. The appointed Selections Committee will remain anonymous. For questions and/or concerns, please email


All artists whose pieces are selected will be paid for their work according to the CARFAC Recommended Fee Schedule. Following selections will be a period in which text-based submissions are collaboratively edited by both the jury and the artist. The editing process is an open dialogue between Modern Fuel and the contributor that is meant to refine the submissions while maintaining the artist’s vision.  


Please advise us of any accommodations needed to ensure you can complete the submission process.

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Syphon 8.0 Tenderness cover. Two pink roses are inside a lube container against a yellow background.

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