image description Nov 15 to Dec 6 The Orange Chair Campaign

For as long as we can remember, these ever-durable orange chairs been in exhibitons, lectures and performances. They have been taken offsite to backyard screenings, helped quell crying babies and been there for long long nights. They are a part of our history, and we want to share that history with you. These 25 chairs will be available for purchase--each will be $77.14, signifying the years of Modern Fuel/KAAI's first location.

image description DECEMBER 4 Unibrow:
Louis Malle
Jonathan Demme

Film Screening

Modern Fuel and The Screening Room are pleased to announce a delicious double-bill with talky NYC theater stalwarts Wallace Shawn and André Gregory. Featuring Louis Malle's 1981 classic My Dinner With Andre, followed by Jonathan Demme's 2014 documentary A Master Builder. Join us for a full evening of film, food (Olivea!) and conversation! more

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