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Carrying Distance
Abedar Kamgari

September 17 to November 5

Carrying Distance is an exhibition of two curtains, a fabric one coloured with natural dyes and a ceramic one composed of thousands of handmade beads. Artist Abedar Kamgari reimagines curtains as symbolic manifestations of sites where multiple distances converge. By engaging embodied, tactile, and labour-intensive making processes, she reflects on contexts and conditions of displacement and diaspora. Her curtains gesture to borders shaped by geographical, cultural, linguistic, temporal, and gendered distances.

This body of work is inspired by the set of a play written by the artist’s father, but where the long, white curtain described in the play passively frames the edges of a stage, Kamgari’s colourful and intricate reinterpretations come alive as central figures themselves. In addition to the play, she draws from wide-ranging influences in Persian poetry, feminist writings, archeological monuments, and colonial histories to grapple with distances both personal and global. The artworks in Carrying Distance ruminate on what it means to inherit diasporic families and colonial ruins.

The artist acknowledges the funding support of the Ontario Arts Council.

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Still Life
Anna Soper

September 17 to November 5

Still Life explores a collection of botanical images generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Using prompts written by Anna Soper, the AI creates a series of plant forms. Some resemble tulips or poppies, while others emerge as indecipherable wisps. Soper feeds these images into a plant identification app, seeking to classify their fanciful designs as real plant species.

Through a series of “found images”, Soper has created a complex feedback loop between two separate AI systems. In a playful body of work, each system is in dialogue with the other, mediated by the artist.

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