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Intro to Editing with Zakary Jiwa
Intro to Editing with Zakary Jiwa

Sun, Feb 21


Online Workshop

Intro to Editing with Zakary Jiwa

This course will go over the basics on how to start an edit on footage you have captured.

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Time & Location

Feb 21, 2021, 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Online Workshop

About the Event

Artist Bio

My name is Zakary Jiwa, I am a first year Master’s student at Queen’s University studying in the Screen Cultures and Curatorial Studies program. I also did my undergraduate degree in the Film and Media program at Queen’s and have worked as an editor for Boundless Productions and a Producer for Studio Q on campus. My focus in undergrad was Documentary cinema and editing for it, and today I will be instructing the course on the introduction to editing.

About the Workshop

This course will go over the basics on how to start an edit on footage you have captured. For this tutorial I will be using Adobe Premiere Pro CC and footage from an interview I shot for a documentary last year (to be distributed to attendees prior to the workshop). This course will go through the processes of importing footage from an SD card, to your working file, and how to set up the file to be in the most efficient form for editing. Some of the techniques applied to achieve this goal will be setting up the interface of the application, organization of files, and how to orient files on the timeline to keep the workflow efficient and organized. Prior to the course, a free trial of the adobe suite can be downloaded so that attendees can follow along.

The editing continued course will pick up from where we left off with the Intro to Editing course and will be working with the same files to continue to a more robust edit. The concepts covered in this course will be focused almost entirely in the application and will go together the basics of cutting together a full scene, audio correction/synchronization, cutting clips, and implementing effects such as colour correction/grading, and transitions between scenes.

Lesson Plan:

I will introduce the course by first taking a moment to acknowledge the differences in editing on an Apple Computer versus a PC mention that I am using a PC but all of the same techniques apply to Macintosh computers, but might have slightly different keyboard shortcuts. I will then spend some time in the Windows File Viewer (Finder, for Mac users) and show the class how to import footage from multiple cards, onto one organized file to work from. Once everyone has the files organized, I will then launch the application and show the attendees the correct way to create a new file that is set to the parameters to allow for High-Definition Playback and exporting, and that will be compatible for general viewing.

Once in the application I will first go over the layout of what appears on screen and briefly explain the different editing modes, then, more in-depth, I will go over the aspects of the screen we will be using and explain their independent functions, as well as how they work together.

Once everyone has a grasp of the layout of the application, I will show attendees how to import and organize the files in a way that is efficient, easy to access, and the industry standard for most small productions using Premiere. This system includes utilizing the “Bin” feature in Premiere, as well as naming and labeling files.

The course will conclude with the attendees placing the clips on the timeline in sequence and showing them how to utilize the timeline features to start to construct a multi-cam edit for a singular scene.

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