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Coalesce Residency


The Coalesce Residency is a new month-long residency, designed to engage and challenge creators, and connect the Katarokwi-Kingston artist community. Under the guidance of the Executive Director and the Programming Committee, artists are either randomly paired or grouped together as a collective to create new works collaboratively. The goal of the group/pairing is to create an incubator for innovation, skill sharing, experimentation, and network building. 


Participating artists are given full access to the Modern Fuel ARC space to create their collaborative works. Artists are encouraged to bring their own materials, however, participants are also free to use what materials Modern Fuel has on hand, and our in-house New Media Workspace. A stipend of $100 will be provided to each artist to spend as they wish. Artists are free to work within any medium of their choosing. 

Long Days


For the month of August 2020 and 2022, LONG DAYS offered participating artists access to a personal section of the gallery to use as a studio space, access to the equipment in the New Media Workspace, a year-long membership to Modern Fuel, a $100 stipend and feedback sessions with the select members of the board, and local curators, administrators, academic, and artists. Artists were also given promotional support for future exhibitions/events that resulted from the residency, where possible. Our 2020 Long Days Artists-in-Residence were Greg Ivens, Adrian Deveau, Jen Demitor, and Nicolas Flemming.


Our 2022 Long Days Artists-in-Residence were Jill Glatt, Olivia Piribauer, Mike Lukaszuk, and Tonya Corkey.

Our 2023 Long Days Artists-in-Residence were Chelle Boo Shaa, Colton Fox, GHY Cheung, Tessa Charlebois, and Meenakashi Ghadial.

Micro Residency


48 hours, 8 artists, unlimited access to Modern Fuel's space.


Launched in October 2019, the micro-residency was inspired by 48-hour creation festivals popular with film and theatre companies. Under the guidance of the Executive Director and the Programming Committee, artists were randomly paired and had to work within the time constraints to create new works collaboratively. The randomness of the pairings, as well as the strict time constraints, created an incubator for innovation, skills sharing, experimentation, and network building. The program concluded with a public presentation of the works created and artist talks. Our 2019 artists-in-residence were Possy Legge, Alyssa Scott, Kait Allen, Devin West, Edie Luo, Roy Zheng, Phoebe Cohoe, and Kirk Kitzul.

Side-ways Artist Residency 

co-presented with the Union Gallery

Side-ways is a remote residency that offers artists in Kingston an infrastructure for sustained critical conversations, potential collaborations and peer-to-peer support. Open to visual and interdisciplinary artists at any stage of their art practice (including student artists), the residency aims to facilitate both informal exchanges and more formal critical discussions towards developing new works or projects. Artists will be organized into groups of three, while also participating in full-group programming. The smaller group format will enable extensive ongoing dialogue, including monthly crits. The larger group format will allow all participants to engage in two full-group crits and presentations with virtually-visiting artists, curators and cultural workers. In the spirit of horizontal mentorship, artists are also encouraged to self-organize occasions for skill-sharing and collaborative exchanges. 

The 2020 artists-in-residence were: Michelle Bunton, William Carroll, Francisco Corbett, Grace Katie Dixon, Brian Hoad, Deena Jacobs, Jean Jamieson-Hanes, Rafael MacDonald. Their exhibition was held at Union Gallery in October and Modern Fuel's Window Gallery from October to December 2021.

Your Own Grad School


In the spring of 2013, Modern Fuel hosted a project initiated by artists Cliff Eyland and Dr. Jeanne Randolph called Your Own Grad School.

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