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My name comes from a butterfly from South Asia, which is itself named after a Greek soldier that was slain by Aeneas who fled Troy and took his fabulous golden armour as war spoils. Meanwhile, the fabulous golden wings of the butterfly have dispersed from their ancestral home and are today found in parts of the Caribbean. Rather than describe myself as an emerging artist, I prefer a metaphor rooted in nature. I am a sapling: tender, delicate, full of potential; Side-ways residency is my nursery. I am exploring my practice as a way of positioning myself in the world and creating the future I want to live in. I have yet to sink my roots. Coming from the Bermuda Triangle and living in Katarokwi/Kingston, I am interested in disrupting inherited narratives to discover new ways of being. I stitch my ideas together, paste down thoughts and ideas, and capture moments on film before they are forever passed by. I am currently trying to understand my high school experience through my queerness; thus, my process involves examining the very things I am made of.

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