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Francisco Corbett

My name is Francisco Corbett. I was adopted from Guatemala when I was 5 months old and have grown up in Kingston ON. I am now a full time practicing 22 year-old artist working in mediums such as abstract acrylic painting and performance art. I began creating art seriously to convey my message of being free. My paintings now show that freedom coupled with an immense amount of physical energy.

In my time with the Union Gallery / Modern Fuel Residency I plan to continue pushing my own boundaries as well as push other artists to their full potential. My work embodies freedom and physical energy on the canvas. Aside from painting, I choose to use the medium of performance art to best display “total theatre” in my life and work. My work is about energy, it has no limits, that’s how I believe artists work should be, free with no limits. I plan to showcase my best foot forward in our group show in 2021.

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