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Rafael MacDonald

Rafael MacDonald (A.K.A Donald Martin Hernandez; Dos Caballos; El Scotiadoran) is a Canadian-El Salvadoran Digital Media Artist now residing in Kingston, Ontario with his partner.

He grew up on the East Coast of Canada just outside of Halifax and proudly holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from NSCAD University. He has a deep love for both sides of his heritage and often references this subtly and obviously throughout his work.

Pre-Pandemic he developed small and large public art projects with youth in Halifax and Kingston, spent 12 years in various departments in the film industry, and was a bit of a civic activist. Today he spends most of his time with his amazing partner and focuses on his practice.

The work can be presented under one of three names depending on several variables: His birth name Rafael MacDonald, or either one of his artistic pseudonyms, Donald Martin Hernandez or El Scotiadoran.

Participants in his work include friends, family, and other interested parties who share his love of creativity and wish to make something beautiful.

He mostly works in film, performance, radio, ceramics, sculpture, but will work in any medium if the resulting visual suits the needs of his project.

His current interests include Rubik’s cubes, 3D printing, light art, western iconography and the increasingly tenuous relationship between authorities and citizens.

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