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William Carroll

See the second art piece here.

I am a self-taught artist currently based out of Kingston, Ontario.

I have spent the last three years refining my photography practice, under the banner of my own business, Green Moth Photography. While also working towards producing art pieces that exceed the frame, becoming tangible, interactive representations of my disdain for the current financial practices present within the visual arts community at large preventing true accessibility to those who are low-income. As a non-binary person living on the autism spectrum, I strive to present my unique visual perspective to the world. I see my disability/diagnosis as the unique gift that it is an endeavour to advocate for the value of diversity in all its forms.

As an artist living with high functioning autism, I strive to present a unique perspective to the world. I see my disability as a unique gift and I endeavour to advocate for the value of neurodiversity in all its forms.

My current artistic practice is focused on producing simple and high contrast images. In particular, I seek to isolate everyday objects I encounter in order to push the boundaries of the viewers’ perspective. By turning household objects into abstract images and surreal landscapes, I present microcosmic worlds that mirror the myriad viewpoints of human experience. I am currently working on a number of installation-based public art projects exploring the idea of "financial gate-keeping" in art and exploring the use of spray foam as a material for sculpture.

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