Past Exhibitions

2020 - Onward


2019 - 2010



Featured Artists

Nelly Matorina - Circaseptan

Pansee Atta, Stephanie Vegh, & Florence Yee - Encyclopedias 

Black Luck Collective & Simone Wright - Parting the Roots

Madison Tyrell - Adorn & Dissolve II

Annette Hegel - miich/Home

Joan Scaglione - Squall

Inflatable Deities - Eyelash Wars

Jeneen Frei Njootli & Dayna Danger - A Fine Pointed BelongingFlogger Making Workshop 

Emebet Belete - Twofold 

Peter Morin - Tahltan


Featured Artists

Christine Negus - things you can’t make maps out of…



Aida Sulcs - Silent Movie 

Nahed Mansour & Stephanie Deumer - Far from Fixed

Soyeon Cho - Inside my Luggage

Chun Hua Catherine Dong - The Drift Latitudes

Jocelyn Purdie - Nature Fixed (On Resilience)

Jordan Loeppky-Kolesnik - Untitled (Eyelids)

Lumir Hladik, Dagmara Genda, Anna Eyler, and Nicolas Lapointe - Ritualia


Featured Artists

Amanda White - Infinite Silence 

Carolyn Code - Spill

Lisa DiQuinzio and Heather Goodchild - She Shells 

Mike Marcon - TEOTWAYKI 

Rebecca Anweiler - Animal/Séance

Stéfy McKnight - Traces

Dong-Kyoon Nam - Recycled Sensations 

Lise Melhorn-Boe - Re Books 

Carina Magazzeni, Gabriel Cheung, & Katharine Vingoe-Cram - Common Names 

Paul Kajander, Laurie Kang and Colin Miner - Dust is Dancing

Jay White - Traveller

Barabara Meneley - UnMapping the Last Best West 


Featured Artists

Tara Nicholson and Jamie Ross - Numinous Lands 

Hyang Cho - Counterpoint 

Milly Ristvedt - The Breathing Space Room & Related Work 

Neven Lockhead - and after that what changes 

Tanya Lukin Linklater - Neither Nor

Aryen Hoekstra, David Court, & Shane Krepakevich - Group Exhibition

Harry Symons - Cricket, Corrosion and Cafeterias—Continuing Confounding Conundrums 

Joan Scaglione - First Cause is Desire 


Featured Artists

Hazel Meyer - Sweaty Concepts

Anne Dunsford & Emily Zielke - Distorted Reality TV 

Katie Bethune-Leamen - Turn That Brown Upside Down 

Dave Gordon - Excelsior! 1975 - 2015

Jeffrey B. Childs - Souvenir/Lifeguard

Jeff Mann - Carscape

Lorna Bauer - Soleil

Derek Sullivan - Four Notable Booksellers

Jennifer Dorner and David Poolman The Old View from Nowhere 

Nancy Douglas - Murphy's in Griffintown 


Featured Artists

Erin Milliken - Little Wonders 

Martina Muck - Memory

Noel Bullock - Mars Landing 

Annie Dunning - Sapsucker Sounds 

Andrea Graham - Cleaning House

Hannah Claus - Cloudscape 

Jeff Barbeau ​- Minor Works 


Featured Artists

Chris Miner - Artist Statement 

TH&B - Resurrection 

Natasha Mazurka - The Centre Cannot Hold 

Charles Campbell - Transporter

Maura Doyle - New Age Beaver 

Erika Olson - Shelf Life 

Dariusz Kreminski - Settlement 

Christine Dewanker - All You Ever Wanted 

Archival Tendencies (Lossy Practices) - Broken City Lab

Featured Events

Cliff Eyland & Jeanne Randolph - Your Own Grad School 

Selections from Nan Yeomans Resource Library - Out of Print

15th Annual Regional Juried Exhibition: Constructed Truth

Annual Members Show & Sale - Home Is Where The Art Is


Featured Artists

Lisa Figge - I Can Only Make It Up Once

Mike Hansen - Hoi Polloi

Eliza Au & Ying-Yueh Chuang - Variations on Symmetry

Michèle LaRose - White Works / Études en blanc

Dustin Wilson - The Institute for Future Life Regression & Artist Talk

Ann Clarke Edgewise

Jason Paradis - Dead Man's Bay

Chrissy Poitras - Bits and Pieces 

Rachel Kalpana James - “Borderline”

Tammy McGrath - Voir Dire 

Tim Murphy - Cheap, Fast, and Easy 

Featured Events

No Two Alike

Smokin' in the Boy's Room

Monitor 8

Take Note 

Square Pegs V

Through Thick and Thistle

Syphon 1.4 Launch

Modern Fuel Members' Show and Sale

Syphon in Stockholm 

AJ Cornell, Gambletron, & Holzkopf - Vapours Concert

Hector Centeno, Andrea Jane Cornell, & Matt Rogalsky - Vapours Concert


Featured Artists

Sarah Greig, Kyla Mallett, Roula Partheniou - Ordinary Language

Robert Tombs - Empire

Abbas AkhavanCorrespondences

Michael Amar - Solar Flares and Spires

Ulrich Panzer - New Works 

Greg Staats - Condolence

Kate Yüksel - Morning Glory 

Jane Derby - Second Life

Susy Oliveira -  Your face, like a lone nocturnal garden in Worlds where Suns spin round!

Decomposing Pianos - 88 Years

Aubrey Reeves - Glide

Featured Events

Square Pegs 4

The Rough Edge of Beauty 

AKA Autonomous Social Centre: Video Surplus/Varied Toil


Acting Out, Claiming Space

Kingston Canadian Film Festival: Perte de Signal: Resilencies

Old Haunt, Sam Shalabi, Reena Katz - Vapours Concerts 

Alcrete, Dreamcatcher, and Disguises - Vapours Concert

YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN and Pop Talk - Vapours Concert 

Mansoor Behnam - A Video Screening and Artist Talk 


Featured Artists

William MacDonnell, Todd Tremeer - Reconnaissance

Scott Wallis - New Work 

Dagmara Genda, Marigold Santos - Homelands

Mia Sandhu - Sikhing 

Genna Kusch - Flight 

Kevin Rodgers - Fraternity 

Andrew Sims - Watching Paint Dry 

Marcy Adzich - Never, as Always 

Gary Michael Dault - A Half Hour of Landscape Painting 

Karen Zalamea - WORK WORK WORK 

The Cedar Tavern Singers AKA The Phonoréalistes - Friday Night Flux 

Élène Tremblay - Trial Proofs 

Carlyn Bezic and Cecily Taylor - The Number of Days 

Julie Andrée T.Solo Performance 

Noel Bullock & Jocelyn Purdie - Ad Hoc 

JoAnn Ralph - Untitled Works on Paper 

Featured Events

Square Pegs 3

12th Annual Regional Juried Members Exhibition Summer Make Good

Esther Bourdages & Lucas Huang - Vapours Concert 

Marinko, sealegs - Vapour Concert 

Holzkopf, Freida Abtan - Vapour Concert 

2009 - 2000



Featured Artists

Sarawut Chutiwongpeti Wishes, Lies, and Dreams in the Project Room

Lucy Chan, Peter Kingstone - Storytellings

Nicolas Collins, Ben Manley, Alvin Lucier - Tone Deaf 8

Kevin Lee Burton, Thirza Cuthand, Cheryl L'Hirondelle, Nadia Myre and Darlene Naponse - Chronotopic Village 

Anna Elmberg Wright - Dream Temples 

Craig Leonard - Vapours Concert: Sun Ra to Sun O)))

Amy Uyeda, Aly Ogasian - Face Cave

Stefan St-Laurent, Mikiki - The New Queens' U

Sharon Thompson - Hair Pieces  

Dannys Montes de Oca Moreda -  Emergence/Resistance: Themes, Work and Artists from the Havana Biennial

Harold Coego -  Transactions of the Eye

Elisa Paloschi - Shifting Light 

Jing Yuan Huang, Jerry Ropson - Wind from the East 

Marija Hamed - Muted Landscape 

Christopher Flower - Thinking Inside the Box 

 Jim McCollough, Rebecca Soudant - The History(s) of Canada 

Featured Events

Sarawut Chutiwongpeti - Artist Talk

11th Annual Regional Juried Exhibition

Square Pegs 2

Sarah DeCarlo, Bear Thomas - Voice Off: Screening in the Square

False Face, The Famines - Vapour Concert

Mike Murphy, Anders Oinonen - Sadderday Night

clock din sound system - Vapour Concert

Christopher Flower - Opening Up The Box Artist Talk


Featured Artists

Miranda Aschenbrenner, Melanie Authier, Christine Baigent, Milly Ristvedt - Soft Abs 

Benjamin Nelson - Full Colour Hype 

Jo-anne Balcaen, Brian Joseph Davis, Steven Laurie - Tone Deaf 7 

David Ross, Yvette Poorter - Forest Station 

Christine D’Onofrio, Toni Hafkenscheid, Dave Kemp, Preston Schiedel, Colin Zipp - Infra-Ordinary

Steve Coates - Static

Dave Kemp - Taken 

Lynne WynickFaçade

Adrian Stimson Buffalo Boy's "Do Not Feel the Buffalo: Moving Camp"

 Julia Mensink and Lisa Visser - we know where we are

Vessna Perunovich and Boja Vasic - Parallel World: The Architecture of Survival 

Nathan McNinch - All We Leave Behind 

Haq, Passmore, Rousseau, Turnbull - Donkey Skin

Mark Thompson - Slide Show 


Featured Artists

KC Adams - Cyborg Hybrid 

Ayaz Kamani - Someone Else's Scenery

Robert Jelinek, Mark Prier - State Greetings

Jessica McCormack - Isabel's Antidote

Ben Darrah and Shelly Bahl - Post-Camp

Dave Gordon - A Year in Shanghai 

Larratt,  Hougesen, Schurer, Shalmon - Salon de Videos 

Tobey C. Anderson - The New American Century Project 

Maggie Burjorjee - Portraits of War

Clive Robertson - Then + Then Again 


Featured Artists

Erika Olson - Fish, Water, Lilies, Rice

Julian Haladyn - Traces of Tea: Broken Vessel 

Darren Copeland - Playing on the 401

Miriam Jordan - Suffering, Contained 

Angelucci, Custodio, Hannah, Larrett, Long - Tween Heart + Mine 

Bourgeois, Carreiro, Fisher, Lahde, Wershler-Henry, Margo - Once Removed

Jill Johnson - Toy Soldiers 

Allison Brown, Briony Carros, Emmy Eskensved, Jason de Haan, Jeanne Ju, Michael McCormack, Emily Rothwell, Adair Rounthwatie, Nadya Syej, Lisa Visser - Disconnected

Devon DeRose - Fight Me!


Featured Artists

Peter Conlin - Contemporary Obsolescence

Clea Haugo - Win a Glorious Getaway to Factory No. 2!

Afshin Matlabi, Dave Dyment, Matt Rogalsky, Diane Morin, Steve Bates and Jake Moore, Robert Bean - Disquiet

May Chan - My Father

Daniel Olson - Other Conditions

Yuka Yamaguchi - Loud Silence

Craig Leonard - ARChives

Camille Turner & Nancy Paterson - Suit of Armour

Alan Wilkinson - The Davis Tannery Reconsidered: Deriving Meaning from Kingston’s Brownfields

Kyle Bishop -  Alian

Alex Goodfellow - Grey Matter Grey Space

Featured Events

7th Regional Juried Exhibition

The Kingston Public


Featured Artists

Julie Withrow - Daily Papers - Visual Diary of a Radio Junkie

Bill Weedmark - Abandonment: a visual and auditory exploration of places, things, and times past

R.C. Aitken - Lines and Curves

Fariba Samsami - Fabria Samsami

Robert Watson - Angels’ Tears

May Chan - A Year After Hong Kong, S.A.R.S.

Rebecca Anweiler & York Lethbridge - Natural Acts

Andrea Doggett, Katherine Higgins, Dorthy Preditis, Jill Battson - Dressed-up Illusions

Koren Bellman & Marisa Portolese - Forms of Address/Undress

Lindsay Fisher - Before/After

Debra Hetherington Day - The BatChic Stories

Cindy Baker, Elisabeth Belliveau - Soft and Fuzzy

Lee-Ann Taras - Curiousplay

Christos Pantieras - Write Me a Letter

Featured Events

6th Regional Juried Exhibition


Featured Artists

Alex Jack - Landscape Paintings and Drawings

Marko Duricic - En ce moments meme: Light-Paint-Gesture

Ted Heibert - Self Portrait Chimera 

Rebecca Soudant, Tristan Adams - …falls the shadow

Claire Eckert - in/appropriate/d others

Scott Wallis, Daniel Schneider - Double Take

May Chan - SARS, Hong Kong 2003

York Lethbridge - The End and Other New Beginnings

Tamara Stone - A Child’s Garden of Worms

Linda Williams -  Overcome

Chloe Steele, Matt Rogalsky - Perfect Imperfect: British Properties

Vanathy Ganesharajah, Christine Kim -  Distribution

Deanne Achong - FINAL REQUESTS

Craig Leonard - apparatus and method/appareil et methode (Odette Vioget)

Featured Events

5th Regional Juried Exhibition


Featured Artists

Mary-Lou Ashton - Of Life Of Line

Mary Lou Jaansalu - Still Life…Figuratively Speaking

Louise Prescott -  Winged Words

Rob Watson - Rebirth 

Keith Skelton - Small Space Big Places

Lee A