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Past Exhibitions

2020 - Onward

2020 - Onward


Featured Artists

Sophie Sabet, The break in our shape

Nic Wilson, Slow Shadow

Charlotte Yao, "I moved to 2756 on that street since 2016"

Featured Events


Featured Artists

Todd Gronsdahl, Saskatchewan Maritime Museum

- Watch the Virtual Artist Talk

Ella Gonzales, Reflection of a Window

Bjornerud & Jerezano, Paul Chartrand, Liam Cole, Noni Kaur, Andrew Testa, Ana Valine, études vivantes

Kristie MacDonald, Documents from Antarctica

hiba ali, rough as silk

Abedar Kamgari, Carrying Distance

Anna Soper, Still Life

2019 - 2010



Featured Artists

Nelly Matorina - Circaseptan

Pansee Atta, Stephanie Vegh, & Florence Yee - Encyclopedias 

Black Luck Collective & Simone Wright - Parting the Roots

Madison Tyrell - Adorn & Dissolve II

Annette Hegel - miich/Home

Joan Scaglione - Squall

Inflatable Deities - Eyelash Wars

Jeneen Frei Njootli & Dayna Danger - A Fine Pointed BelongingFlogger Making Workshop 

Emebet Belete - Twofold 

Peter Morin - Tahltan


Featured Artists

Christine Negus - things you can’t make maps out of…



Aida Sulcs - Silent Movie 

Nahed Mansour & Stephanie Deumer - Far from Fixed

Soyeon Cho - Inside my Luggage

Chun Hua Catherine Dong - The Drift Latitudes

Jocelyn Purdie - Nature Fixed (On Resilience)

Jordan Loeppky-Kolesnik - Untitled (Eyelids)

Lumir Hladik, Dagmara Genda, Anna Eyler, and Nicolas Lapointe - Ritualia


Featured Artists

Amanda White - Infinite Silence 

Carolyn Code - Spill

Lisa DiQuinzio and Heather Goodchild - She Shells 

Mike Marcon - TEOTWAYKI 

Rebecca Anweiler - Animal/Séance

Stéfy McKnight - Traces

Dong-Kyoon Nam - Recycled Sensations 

Lise Melhorn-Boe - Re Books 

Carina Magazzeni, Gabriel Cheung, & Katharine Vingoe-Cram - Common Names 

Paul Kajander, Laurie Kang and Colin Miner - Dust is Dancing

Jay White - Traveller

Barabara Meneley - UnMapping the Last Best West 


Featured Artists

Tara Nicholson and Jamie Ross - Numinous Lands 

Hyang Cho - Counterpoint 

Milly Ristvedt - The Breathing Space Room & Related Work 

Neven Lockhead - and after that what changes 

Tanya Lukin Linklater - Neither Nor

Aryen Hoekstra, David Court, & Shane Krepakevich - Group Exhibition

Harry Symons - Cricket, Corrosion and Cafeterias—Continuing Confounding Conundrums 

Joan Scaglione - First Cause is Desire 


Featured Artists

Hazel Meyer - Sweaty Concepts

Anne Dunsford & Emily Zielke - Distorted Reality TV 

Katie Bethune-Leamen - Turn That Brown Upside Down 

Dave Gordon - Excelsior! 1975 - 2015

Jeffrey B. Childs - Souvenir/Lifeguard

Jeff Mann - Carscape

Lorna Bauer - Soleil

Derek Sullivan - Four Notable Booksellers

Jennifer Dorner and David Poolman The Old View from Nowhere 

Nancy Douglas - Murphy's in Griffintown 


Featured Artists

Erin Milliken - Little Wonders 

Martina Muck - Memory

Noel Bullock - Mars Landing 

Annie Dunning - Sapsucker Sounds 

Andrea Graham - Cleaning House

Hannah Claus - Cloudscape 

Jeff Barbeau ​- Minor Works 


Featured Artists

Chris Miner - Artist Statement 

TH&B - Resurrection 

Natasha Mazurka - The Centre Cannot Hold 

Charles Campbell - Transporter

Maura Doyle - New Age Beaver 

Erika Olson - Shelf Life 

Dariusz Kreminski - Settlement 

Christine Dewanker - All You Ever Wanted 

Archival Tendencies (Lossy Practices) - Broken City Lab

Featured Events

Cliff Eyland & Jeanne Randolph - Your Own Grad School 

Selections from Nan Yeomans Resource Library - Out of Print

15th Annual Regional Juried Exhibition: Constructed Truth

Annual Members Show & Sale - Home Is Where The Art Is


Featured Artists

Lisa Figge - I Can Only Make It Up Once

Mike Hansen - Hoi Polloi

Eliza Au & Ying-Yueh Chuang - Variations on Symmetry

Michèle LaRose - White Works / Études en blanc

Dustin Wilson - The Institute for Future Life Regression & Artist Talk

Ann Clarke Edgewise

Jason Paradis - Dead Man's Bay

Chrissy Poitras - Bits and Pieces 

Rachel Kalpana James - “Borderline”

Tammy McGrath - Voir Dire 

Tim Murphy - Cheap, Fast, and Easy 

Featured Events

No Two Alike

Smokin' in the Boy's Room

Monitor 8

Take Note 

Square Pegs V

Through Thick and Thistle

Syphon 1.4 Launch

Modern Fuel Members' Show and Sale

Syphon in Stockholm 

AJ Cornell, Gambletron, & Holzkopf - Vapours Concert

Hector Centeno, Andrea Jane Cornell, & Matt Rogalsky - Vapours Concert


Featured Artists

Sarah Greig, Kyla Mallett, Roula Partheniou - Ordinary Language

Robert Tombs - Empire

Abbas AkhavanCorrespondences

Michael Amar - Solar Flares and Spires

Ulrich Panzer - New Works 

Greg Staats - Condolence

Kate Yüksel - Morning Glory 

Jane Derby - Second Life

Susy Oliveira -  Your face, like a lone nocturnal garden in Worlds where Suns spin round!

Decomposing Pianos - 88 Years

Aubrey Reeves - Glide

Featured Events

Square Pegs 4

The Rough Edge of Beauty 

AKA Autonomous Social Centre: Video Surplus/Varied Toil


Acting Out, Claiming Space

Kingston Canadian Film Festival: Perte de Signal: Resilencies

Old Haunt, Sam Shalabi, Reena Katz - Vapours Concerts 

Alcrete, Dreamcatcher, and Disguises - Vapours Concert

YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN and Pop Talk - Vapours Concert 

Mansoor Behnam - A Video Screening and Artist Talk 


Featured Artists

William MacDonnell, Todd Tremeer - Reconnaissance

Scott Wallis - New Work 

Dagmara Genda, Marigold Santos - Homelands

Mia Sandhu - Sikhing 

Genna Kusch - Flight 

Kevin Rodgers - Fraternity 

Andrew Sims - Watching Paint Dry 

Marcy Adzich - Never, as Always 

Gary Michael Dault - A Half Hour of Landscape Painting 

Karen Zalamea - WORK WORK WORK 

The Cedar Tavern Singers AKA The Phonoréalistes - Friday Night Flux 

Élène Tremblay - Trial Proofs 

Carlyn Bezic and Cecily Taylor - The Number of Days 

Julie Andrée T.Solo Performance 

Noel Bullock & Jocelyn Purdie - Ad Hoc 

JoAnn Ralph - Untitled Works on Paper 

Featured Events

Square Pegs 3

12th Annual Regional Juried Members Exhibition Summer Make Good

Esther Bourdages & Lucas Huang - Vapours Concert 

Marinko, sealegs - Vapour Concert 

Holzkopf, Freida Abtan - Vapour Concert 

2009 - 2000

2009 - 2000


Featured Artists

Sarawut Chutiwongpeti Wishes, Lies, and Dreams in the Project Room

Lucy Chan, Peter Kingstone - Storytellings

Nicolas Collins, Ben Manley, Alvin Lucier - Tone Deaf 8

Kevin Lee Burton, Thirza Cuthand, Cheryl L'Hirondelle, Nadia Myre and Darlene Naponse - Chronotopic Village 

Anna Elmberg Wright - Dream Temples 

Craig Leonard - Vapours Concert: Sun Ra to Sun O)))

Amy Uyeda, Aly Ogasian - Face Cave

Stefan St-Laurent, Mikiki - The New Queens' U

Sharon Thompson - Hair Pieces  

Dannys Montes de Oca Moreda -  Emergence/Resistance: Themes, Work and Artists from the Havana Biennial

Harold Coego -  Transactions of the Eye

Elisa Paloschi - Shifting Light 

Jing Yuan Huang, Jerry Ropson - Wind from the East 

Marija Hamed - Muted Landscape 

Christopher Flower - Thinking Inside the Box 

 Jim McCollough, Rebecca Soudant - The History(s) of Canada 

Featured Events

Sarawut Chutiwongpeti - Artist Talk

11th Annual Regional Juried Exhibition

Square Pegs 2

Sarah DeCarlo, Bear Thomas - Voice Off: Screening in the Square

False Face, The Famines -